The Best Walks & Hikes Around Byron Bay

Embarking on foot across captivating terrains, absorbing a diverse array of breathtaking views, and taking in the aura of nature’s wonder up close is a quintessential way to embrace and admire the beauty of Byron Bay.

Nestled on Australia’s renowned eastern coast, Byron Bay offers unique trails that balance serenity and adventure side by side.

These trails cater to all, from leisure-seeking families to nature enthusiasts, eco-tourists, fitness fanatics, history buffs, photographers, and explorers alike.

Let’s delve into the scenic wonders of Byron Bay.

1: Cape Byron Lighthouse Walk

Cape Byron Bay Lighthouse

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Parking Options
There is paid street parking available in limited quantities.
Distance – 3.7km loop
Difficulty – Moderate
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Embark on an engaging and leisurely journey along the Cape Byron Walking Track, renowned throughout New South Wales.

This walk, famous for its diversity, offers differing vistas to savour at your own pace over a 3.7km loop.

Stroll along stunning beaches, navigate lush rainforests, and traverse cliff tops, with the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse waiting for you.

Throughout your journey, a selection of cafes offer refreshing juices and rejuvenating coffees, coupled with nourishing organic snacks.

Despite being a Grade 3 track, it’s a versatile trek catered for explorers of all fitness levels.

Make a day out of it and break up the journey with beach stops, perfect for a fun, family excursion.

2: Minyon Falls Walk

Parking Options – Yes, at the Minyno Grass picnic area, as well as the Minyon Falls lookout
Distance – 13km loop
Difficulty – Moderate
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Venture 45 minutes westward into Byron Bay’s hinterland where you’ll find the bewitching Minyon Falls.

Known for its dramatic 100m plunge, this waterfall is one of the region’s stand-outs, nestled amongst a rainforest setting.

The enticing natural pool at the bottom cascading waterfall is perfect for a refreshing dip.

The 13km return journey weaves through Nightcap National Park’s lush, world heritage-listed rainforests as a Grade 3 track, a moderately challenging trek offering enchanting green views throughout.

Stop off at the scenic Minyon Grass picnic area or the Minyon Falls lookout to rejuvenate before continuing your adventure.

For a deeper exploration of the region, include Minyon Falls as a detour en route between Byron Bay and the serene Nimbin.

3: Lennox Head Boardwalk

Lennox Head Boardwalk Byron Bay

Image courtesy of Byron For Kids

Parking Options – Yes
Distance – 9.6km out and back
Difficulty – Easy
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Less truly is more with the Lennox Head Boardwalk, a quaint, short trek in a charming town, a mere 15-minute drive south of bustling Byron Bay.

This engaging meander, perfect for those pressed for time, people maintaining a low level of fitness, or individuals with young children, is only a short distance from Byron. 

The boardwalk beautifully showcases panoramic Pacific Ocean views, along with being a friendly, finished route teeming with locals and their diverse eateries.

Begin this salty sea adventure by parking on Rutherford Street’s tail-end.

The journey takes southward, Pacific waters to your left until you arrive at Pat Morton Lookout; here, you can enjoy visual feasts of Lennox Point.

Lennox Head, revered by local surfers, unveils a dynamic spectacle of people paddling, riding, and sometimes succumbing to the powerful surf from atop ‘The Point’.

4: Victoria Park Boardwalk

Parking Options  – Yes
Distance – 400m loop
Difficulty – Easy
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If the Lennox Head Boardwalk left you yearning for more or you wish to engage the kids in another exploratory outing, the Victoria Park Boardwalk offers an excellent alternative.

The walk is interspersed with intriguing insights on native bushland and the area’s indigenous inhabitants.

Victoria Park Nature Reserve is a remarkable piece of Big Scrub, a pre-colonial rainforest that once sprawled across 45,000 hectares.

Victoria Park Boardwalk, a 35-minute drive southwest from Lennox Head, is ideal for a post-Lennox saunter or for a direct trip from Byron Bay.

Public barbecue areas and picnic spots present locations to refuel and revive. Parking within the reserve is a stress-free affair; you can expect to readily find a space.

5: Pinnacle Walk

Pinnacle Walk Greenery near Byron Bay

Image courtesy of Visit NSW

Parking Options – Yes, there is a paid car park near the trailhead
Distance – 600m
Difficulty – Easy
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Ready for an audacious yet concise trek complete with stunning views of Border Ranges National Park?

For ages, adventurers pursued the thrilling 9km Wollumbin (Mount Warning) Summit Track. However, in an act of respect for the sacred indigenous land of the Bundjalung People, hikers have since refrained from embarking on this path after the year 2015.

Lucky for us, we have Pinnacle Walk as a stellar alternative. This allows admirers to pay homage to their wishes, whilst soaking in the splendid scenery of Border Ranges National Park. 

This 600-metre round trip leads you to the Pinnacle Lookout, promising panoramic views of Wollumbin and Tweed Valley’s rich rainforest.

With a car park conveniently located at your starting point, accessing this journey has become straightforward.

While a two-hour drive for a 600m stretch might seem significant, your journey will be filled with wonder as you leave the coast behind and view the enchanting scenery from your vehicle window.

To maximise the enjoyment of your trip, remember to explore other short treks in Border Ranges National Park, such as the enthralling Border Loop Walk, the serene Palm Forest Walk, and the challenging Bar Mountain Circuit.

6: Three Sisters Walking Track

Three Sisters Walking Track

Image Courtesy of New Scape Design

Parking Options  – Yes
Distance – 1.6km
Difficulty – Easy
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Situated only a brief 20-minute drive away from Byron Bay and tucked away in the picturesque Broken Head Nature Reserve, discover the popular Three Sisters Walking Track.

This delightful trail serves as an uncomplicated yet fulfilling journey through a tranquil forest setting, leading you to the mesmerising Kings Beach along the tantalising NSW coastline.

Offering a scenic blend of lush bushland, vibrant flora, local history, expansive coastal vistas, and accessible beach routes, this track caters to all abilities and ages.

You’ll find the trailhead conveniently located at the Broken Head Nature Reserve car park.

7: Big Scrub Loop

Parking Options  – Yes
Distance – 1.5km
Difficulty – Easy
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The Big Scrub rainforest was once a vast subtropical haven, spreading across 900 square kilometres of northeastern NSW.

Although less than 1% of the original Big Scrub remains, several significant portions of valuable lowland subtropical and littoral rainforests still stand.

In the Rocky Creek Dam area of Nightcap National Park, you’ll find a scenic walking trail winding around the rainforest remnants.

Old-growth trees, teeming with life, create a tranquil atmosphere—perfect for those wanting to experience the hushed sounds of nature. 

There’s a magic that lies in hiking through the picturesque landscapes Byron Bay has to offer.

The sense of peace, excitement, and connection with nature that these trails provide is incomparable.

Regardless of fitness level or age, these trails are designed to captivate and thrill everyone.

The ethereal beauty of the coastal lines, rainforests, waterfalls, and many more naturally spoiling landscapes makes hiking in Byron Bay an absolute must-do. So what are you waiting for?

Put on those hiking boots and get ready to create some unforgettable moments!

Nestled in the heart of Byron Bay, we look forward to welcoming you

Whether you are looking to unwind, indulge or explore, we have everything you need to make your stay unforgettable.