The Best Waterfalls Near Byron Bay

Best Waterfalls in Byron Bay

There’s an undeniable charm about waterfalls – their majestic beauty shrouds them in an aura of tranquillity and awe.

Fortunately, for those situated that live in Byron Bay or those lucky enough to visit, there’s an array of tantalising waterfalls on our doorstep.

Each area offers a unique allure with captivating characteristics, diverse trails and awe-inspiring views. And it isn’t just about the mesmerising cascades.

It’s about the journey – serene walks, picturesque hikes, perhaps even a short swim, all culminating in a delightful day out in the beautiful Australian outdoors.

1: Minyon Falls

Minyon Falls Waterfall located near Byron Bay















Image courtesy of New South Wales National Parks

Accessibility: Easy parking and close to Byron Bay

Located just a stone’s throw away from Byron Bay, adorning the eastern region of Nightcap National Park, we find Minyon Falls.

Engulfed in the resplendent beauty of the world heritage-listed Gondwana rainforest, this fall sits at a walkable distance from the car park.

A lovely trail welcomes you to gaze upon the 100-metre-high cascading waters surging over enormous rhyolite cliffs, remnants of the ancient Tweed Volcano.

You can either marvel at this natural spectacle from the lookout above or venture to the base where you can enjoy a quick dip in the tranquil pool (conditions permitting).

There’s a nine-kilometre path around for hikers wanting a longer exploration amidst the gigantic brush box and strangler fig trees.


Killen Falls Waterfall Near Byron Bay

Accessibility: Easy to get to and situate less than 300 metres from a carpark.

Nestled in the outback between Byron Bay and Ballina, Killen Falls offers a unique allure.

Located in Tintenbar, this enchantingly accessible fall decorates one of the few intact Big Scrub local rainforests left in the region.

Following a brief stroll from the car park, the lookout unveils stunning views of the 10-metre plunge waterfall and the deep emerald-hued water hole set against the backdrop of cave-like rocks at Emigrant Creek.

If you’re adventurous, you can meander to the cavern located behind the waterfall cascade for an unforgettable sight – you might be lucky enough to spot some turtles as well.

Be sure to drop by early; this place can get pretty crowded. Also, be mindful that swimming isn’t suggested due to the shallow and rocky pool.

3: Marom Creek Falls

Marom Creek Falls near Byron Bay

Image courtesy of Riparide

Accessibility: Not the most accessible waterfall on this list, however, if you follow the well-trodden footpath, you’ll reach your destination safely. May not be suitable for younger adventurers. 

Located off Dalwood Road in Rous, Marom Falls (also known as Marom Creek Falls) offers a picturesque beauty that’s a bit off the beaten path.

A mere 45-minute drive from central Byron Bay takes you to this hidden gem where you can enjoy its immense charm after a short hike across a field.

You can expect a breathtaking waterfall cascading into a spacious swimming hole, providing as much delight to immerse yourself in as the journey there.

Once you’ve parked your vehicle roadside and traversed to the other side of the fence, you’ll find yourself at the base of this magnificent spectacle in under 15 minutes.

You might even catch thrill-seekers diving into the water from the cliff’s edge!

4: Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge Waterfall Near Byron Bay

Image courtesy of

Situated within the scenic Springbrook National Park, about an hour and fifteen minutes drive from Byron Bay, lies the Natural Bridge.

It’s here that you can experience not one, but two awe-inspiring natural phenomena.

One marvellous path gives you two contrasting experiences, one for the day and another as darkness falls.

During daylight hours, you can marvel at a prodigious bridge carved over centuries by the relentless power of the waterfall.

Here, you can capture memorable snapshots of the waterfall cascading down from inside the cave.

At night, retrace your steps down this path, extinguish your torch, and cast your eyes upwards where you’ll discover a roof peppered with worms emitting a hypnotic blue-green glow.

This trip is a must for any nature enthusiast.

5: Protestors Falls

Protestors Falls near Byron Bay

Image courtesy of Fodors

Accessibility: Located conveniently within the Nightcap National Park, this walk is friendly to explorers of all ages.

Embark on an engrossing 1.5-kilometre round walk to Protestors Falls, tucked beautifully in the heart of Nightcap National Park’s World Heritage rainforest.

A brief hour’s drive from Byron Bay, this locale adorned with ample parking offers a tranquil environment perfect for a leisurely walk.

The majestic waterfall drops 25 metres into a magical pool beneath, though for the safety of endangered amphibians – such as Fleay’s barred frog – swimming is off-limits.

Despite this, basking in the distance where you can absorb the stunning chorus of bird calls and serene water flow is utterly worthwhile.

6: Goonengerry Falls

Goonengerry Falls

Image courtesy of Goonengerry

Accessibility: Easy to locate and near parking, be mindful that there are some steep paths along the trail route.

Delve into the hidden depths of Goonengerry National Park, you’ll be enchanted by the somewhat elusive Goonengerry Falls.

Only a 45-minute drive from the centre of Byron, Goonengerry Falls hosts ample parking slots available on Garrong Road.

From there it’s only a brief 10-minute walk that leads you to a realm of unspoiled beauty, complete with enchanting rock pools and breath-taking mountain vistas.

While the entirety of the waterfall might not be visible, the dramatic scene and thrilling exploration options like the Goonengerry Waterfall loop track make this place an undisputed treasure.


Whian Whian Waterfall near Byron Bay

Image courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

Accessibility: Easily accessible with parking close by.

Nestled in a picturesque locale near Nightcap National Park lies the serene Whian Whian Falls.

Just a 60-minute drive from Byron Bay, these falls are a swimming haven within the Whian Whian Falls Conservation Area.

Ample parking makes it a convenient favourite amongst the locals. The falls’ allure beckons from a simple clearing within a parking lot.

Traverse along a small pathway followed by a fence. Five minutes later, you’ll be marking your arrival at a lookout point. 

Offering an option between two diverse swimming spots, the falls are a haven for swimming enthusiasts.

Rain can turn the track a bit slippery and muddy, but ordinarily, it’s a breezy walk. A charming picnic spot accompanies the swimming holes.

We’d recommend getting in early, as it tends to be bustling as the day progresses.

8: Hanging Rock Falls

Hanging Rock Falls

Image courtesy of Bob Caddell

Accessibility: Very accessible to Byron Bay, with a paid car park near the falls.

Towards the town of Nimbin, you can find the surreal Hanging Rock Falls, roughly a 70-minute drive from Byron Bay.

These falls are a clear favourite for those after a rainforest swimming experience that’s unforgettable.

A fee-based parking lot ensures trouble-free access. Navigating a compact yet frequently trodden path leads to rewarding aquatic access, via some climbing or jumping past slippery rocks. 

The swimming hole, part of which extends over seven metres deep, offers pristine water complemented by the sight of the lush rainforest and the water cascading.

A cliff-side rope swing ensures thrill-seekers aren’t left out, with an opportune fallen log also serving as a jumping-off point, though caution is advised.

Similar to Whian Whian Falls, it helps to beat the crowd and arrive early.

9: Condong Falls

Accessibility: Harder to access and considered a reasonably challenging trail.

Condong Falls, otherwise known as Quandong Falls, offers an enchanting spectacle for nature lovers.

Situated on a small detour from the bottom of Minyon Falls walking track, this waterfall adds an unexpected surprise to your hike.

Despite its significant size, Condong Falls remains an offbeat, hidden treasure due to its tricky access.

But if you’re already heading towards Minyon, adding this spot to the itinerary becomes almost effortless.

The crest of Condong Falls can be reached via a 400-metre walk from an unmarked junction on the Minyon Falls pathway.

This split is apparent just 1.9km into the track.

On reaching the top, take time to splash around in the shallow pool, or head 200m upstream for a relaxing swim in a greater waterhole.

After the quick detour to soak up these stunning views, rejoin the main path and continue your stroll for another 150 metres to get an unforgettable glimpse of the waterfall. 

Condong Falls is situated roughly 35km from Byron, approximately a 45-minute drive away, nestled within the Nightcap National Park.

Navigating through the enchanting waterfall sites around Byron Bay is a unique journey of discovery.

Each waterfall offers a different slice of nature’s craftsmanship, from serene pools to astonishing rock formations.

And while each locale has its special charm, they all offer the promise of incredible experiences, unforgettable memories, and a newfound appreciation for Australia’s awe-inspiring beauty.

Waterfall Safety

For those drawn to the tranquil pools and majestic cascades of Byron Bay’s waterfalls, please consider these essential safety measures:

  • Equip yourself with durable hiking footwear, especially when embarking on picturesque hikes like those leading to Minyon Falls or Killen Falls.
  • Remain on designated paths and heed warning indicators. For instance, while Protestors Falls may beckon with its 25-metre drop, it’s crucial to remember that swimming is prohibited to protect local wildlife.
  • Venture with caution near waterfall edges, especially after rain. Locations like Whian Whian Falls can become slick and muddy, raising the risk of slips.
  • Reconsider jumping or diving, even in inviting locations such as Marom Creek Falls. Hidden objects may lie beneath the surface.
  • Where possible, travel with others.
  • Not all waterfall areas might be suitable for drinking. When setting out, pack ample bottled water for your journey to rehydrate with as you work up a sweat.

Visit Responsibly

As locals and visitors, our role when visiting these waterfalls is to preserve their beauty so they can be enjoyed by future generations to come. We penned some things to consider when enjoying these natural landmarks:

  • Always ensure no litter is left behind, make sure to pick up after yourself and your fellow travellers.
  • Remain vigilant of any actions that harm the environment and report them.
  • Be considerate to your fellow explorers, ensuring everyone gets to take in their beauty
  • Some falls are sanctuaries for endangered species, so please heed swimming restrictions.

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