The Best Beaches In Byron Bay

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Byron Bay’s beaches are truly iconic, blending stunning scenery with a lively atmosphere. Each location, from the bustling Main Beach to the serene Whites Beach, provides a unique experience for visitors looking for both adventure and relaxation by the sea. Join us as we guide you through a comprehensive list of the best beaches in and around Byron Bay.

1. Main Beach Byron Bay

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Main Beach is a two minute drive or an eight minute walk from Hotel Marvell.

Main Beach stands as the lively hub of Byron Bay, a perfect blend of golden sands and shimmering waters attracting families, surf lovers, and sun-seekers. Its location near the Byron Bay town centre makes a day here a comprehensive experience – enjoy the surf, explore charming local shops, or relax with Byron’s fantastic beachside dining options.

As evening approaches, the beach transforms with melodies of live buskers, enhancing the already vibrant atmosphere. The presence of Byron Bay’s Surf Club, one of Australia’s oldest, ensures everyone enjoys their beach time safely, providing peace of mind along with fun in the sun.

2. The Pass

The Pass Beach in Byron Bay
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The Pass is either a six minute drive or a thirty minute walk from Hotel Marvell.

Not far away from central Byron lies The Pass, offering a peaceful retreat with its scenic beauty and gentle waves. Ideal for families and surfing aficionados, this spot combines leisure with adventure. 

The Fisherman’s Lookout is a local favourite, providing breathtaking views of Byron’s coastline, while the area’s Indigenous heritage can be explored through its historical midden site. The Pass is a testament to Byron Bay’s rich natural landscapes and cultural depth, inviting visitors to experience its unique charm and tranquility.

3. Tallow Beach

A Scenic Shot of Tallow Beach Near Byron Bay
Image Source: Byron Bay Historical Society

Tallow Beach is either a five minute drive or a twenty six minute walk from Hotel Marvell.

A mere five minute journey from the bustling centre of Byron Bay will lead you to Tallow Beach, a haven for surf enthusiasts seeking consistent waves when the rest of Byron seems to snooze. Known affectionately as ‘Tallows’, this stretch offers a premier point break, especially appealing to adept short-boarders. 

The northern end, or Cosy Corner as locals call it, becomes a sanctuary when northerly winds prevail, providing ideal conditions amidst its often secluded sands. Surfers should note, however, that Tallow Beach is known for its capricious nature and robust rips, and with limited patrols, it’s wise to have a solid grip on your surfing capabilities before diving in.

4. Broken Head Beach

Empty Broken Head Beach Near Byron Bay on Cloudy Day
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Broken Head Beach is a twelve minute drive from Hotel Marvell.

Venture 12 minutes from the heart of Byron Bay, and you’ll find yourself at Broken Head Beach, cradled within a lush reserve that promises not just a surf spot but a retreat into nature. 

Renowned for its right-hand point breaks that can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one for the experienced surfer, Broken Head calls for timing your visit with rising or falling tides, complemented by a south-southwesterly wind and east-southeasterly swell. 

While it may not boast the consistency of other Byron Bay surf spots, its weekdays offer serene exclusivity. Just like Tallow Beach, it’s largely unpatrolled, so it’s a destination for those who know their way around a surfboard.

5. Brunswick Heads Beach

People Enjoying Brunswick Heads Beach Near Byron Bay
Torakina Beach at Brunswick Heads is a sandy and sheltered swimming spot that’s popular with families. Photo / Getty Images.

Image Source: Byron4Kids

Brunswick Heads Beach is a twenty three minute drive from Hotel Marvell.

Just a 20-minute drive north from the heart of Byron, Brunswick Heads unfolds as a pristine coastal gem nestled between Simpson Creek and the vast Pacific. This beach, set within a nature preserve, boasts untamed beauty, offering superb surf conditions akin to Byron’s renowned waves. 

Not only does it cater to surfers, but it also welcomes furry friends in a designated off-leash area. For peace of mind, the beach is patrolled, ensuring a safe surf and swim experience. Facilities such as toilets, showers, and ample parking make it convenient, while the neighbouring Torakina Beach, with its serene white sands and clear waters, provides a tranquil alternative.

5. Brunswick Heads Beach

Distant Shot of People Swimming in Brunswick Heads Beach near Byron Bay
Image Source: Byron4Kids

Brunswick Heads Beach is a twenty three minute drive from Hotel Marvell.

6. Belongil Beach

Belongil Beach In Byron Bay
Image Source: Visit NSW

Belongil Beach is a ten minute drive from Hotel Marvell.

Belongil Beach, stretching north from Byron’s heart up to the mouth of Belongil Creek, offers a more secluded beach experience ideal for lengthy strolls along its less crowded shores. Swimming peaks at the southern end, closest to Byron, where conditions are generally safer, especially when lifeguards are on duty during summer. 

The beach’s historical allure is heightened by ‘The Wreck’, a shipwreck remnant visible above the waterline, creating fascinating surf conditions around its sandbar. Whether you’re watching surfers navigate the unique waves, indulging in local fish and chips, or exploring the area patrolled by lifesavers, Belongil Beach presents a blend of recreational and serene beachside activities, making it a must-visit for those seeking both adventure and relaxation by the sea.

7. Clarkes Beach

Clarkes Beach in Byron Bay
Image Source: Benny’s Cottage

Clarkes Beach is a two minute drive, or a 27 minute walk from Hotel Marvell.

A short wander south from the bustling Main Beach lies the serene Clarkes Beach, a haven for families and body surfers alike. Its gentle waves and long sandbank create an ideal setting for swimmers and snorkelers, with shallow tidal pools emerging as perfect playgrounds for youngsters. 

For those keen to master their body surfing techniques, Clarkes offers waves that are just right. Access to this tranquil beach is simple, with stairs leading down from the adjacent car park, where paid parking ensures a spot close to this slice of paradise.

8. Wategos Beach & Little Wategos Beach

Wategos Beach Near Byron Bay
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Wategos Beach is a seven minute drive from Hotel Marvell.

Tucked away west of Cape Byron’s headland, Wategos Beach offers a secluded retreat for those seeking a quiet day by the sea, complete with the option for an afternoon BBQ. Its limited space and parking mean that weekdays offer a more peaceful experience, ideally suited to adults and older families. 

Behind the beach, BBQ facilities and grassy knolls provide the perfect setting for a relaxed gathering, complemented by top-notch coffee from the mobile barista. For an adventure, take the Cape Byron Walking Track from The Pass or the lighthouse, enjoying breathtaking views along the way. Those in search of solitude will find Little Wategos, accessible via a detour on the walking track, to be Australia’s most easterly beach and a hidden gem for swimming and sunbathing in tranquil conditions.

9. Whites Beach

Whites Beach near Byron Bay
Image Source: Daily Telegraph

Whites Beach is a twenty one minute drive from Hotel Marvell.

Tucked away near Broken Head, Whites Beach remains one of those lesser-trodden gems, despite the word of its beauty reaching the ears of many a traveller. To find yourself on its sands, a descent down a rocky staircase carved into the cliffs awaits you. 

Protected by its bay, the waters here are tranquil, making it an idyllic spot for a serene beach day. The journey to Whites Beach, involving a meander down a lengthy dirt track to the car park, is a small adventure in itself. Yet, the reward is a pristine stretch of beach that, on a lucky day, you might have all to yourself. Remember, amenities are scarce, a small trade-off for such secluded splendour.

10. Lennox Head Beach

Lennox Head Beach Near Byron Bay
Image Source: First National Byron Bay

Lennox Head Beach is a twenty one minute drive from Hotel Marvell.

Straddling the coastline between Byron Bay and Ballina, Lennox Head Beach is a haven of white sands and crystalline waters. This beach is not just a sunbather’s paradise but a hive of activity offering swimming, surfing, snorkelling, and fishing against a backdrop of breathtaking coastal vistas. 

Dolphin sightings off the shore add a touch of magic to the already mesmerising scenery. With a vibrant mix of eateries and stores nearby, Lennox Head promises more than just beachside relaxation. For those in pursuit of untouched beaches, excellent surf conditions, and memorable sunsets, Lennox Head Beach is a must-visit destination.

11. Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach Near Byron Bay
Image Source: Visit NSW

Seven Mile Beach is a twenty one minute drive from Hotel Marvell.

Spanning from Lennox Point headland to Broken Head, Seven Mile Beach is a haven for a variety of beach activities. Whether it’s swimming, surfing, snorkelling, or simply enjoying a walk with your dog, this beach offers a stretch of sand that caters to all interests. 

For those with a 4WD and the necessary permit, the opportunity to drive along this picturesque beach adds an extra layer of adventure. Its lengthy shores promise endless fun and relaxation, making it a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

Snorkelling & Diving In Byron Bay

Dive into the underwater marvels of the Cape Byron Marine Park, a 220-square-kilometre sanctuary beneath the waves. Renowned Julian Rocks emerges as a top diving destination, teeming with aquatic life, a mere stone’s throw from Cape Byron. 

Not to be missed, Lennox Reef, affectionately dubbed ‘the moat’, lies 200 metres off Seven Mile Beach, offering snorkellers the chance to mingle with a kaleidoscope of tropical fish. An underwater escapade in Byron Bay promises encounters with the ocean’s myriad inhabitants, making it a must-do for marine enthusiasts.

Best Coastal Walks In Byron Bay

Byron Bay’s shores beckon with scenic walks that blend the beauty of land and sea. Embark on the 5km Cape Byron walking track, which winds from the serene Wategos Beach to the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse. This path not only offers breathtaking views but also a chance to witness the lighthouse’s beauty at dawn or dusk. 

Extend your journey southward along the pristine sands of Tallow Beach, stretching 6 kilometres to Broken Head. This route invites pauses for refreshing swims or whale watching during their migration season from May to November, offering a picturesque exploration of Byron Bay’s coastal splendour.

Byron Bay’s beaches are just one part of what make our costal town so special. For the ultimate experience, consider staying at Hotel Marvell, Byron Bay’s only five-star hotel, perfectly situated in the heart of town. Hotel Marvell ensures luxury, comfort, and easy access to all the best beaches, making it the ideal choice for your Byron Bay adventure.

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